Online Technical Support

Michael Yemer
Telephone number of Michael Yemer +251906161616

Online Sales Representative

Seid Oumer
Telephone number of Seid Oumer +251911229487

Industrial Products

  • Supply of Electromechanical material in Water Projects
  • Designing , Manufacturing & Assembling of Electrical System Units like: -
    • different capacity main and sub distribution/control board,
    • Compact substation
    • Single & three phase step up/step down transformers
    • Automatic Transfer switch[ATS]
    • Synchronization Panels
    • Power factor correctors
    • Motor starters
    • Automatic Voltage regulators
    • Impedance transformers
    • Programmable Logic Controllers[PLC]
    • Generator KWH meter interface boards 



  • ATS

    Automatic Transfer Switch

  • AVR

    Automatic Voltage Regulator

  • Distribution board

    Electrical Control and Distribution board

  • PLC

    Programmable Logic Controller

  • Compact Substation

    Compact Substation

  • Motor Starter

    Motor Starter

  • Transformers