Project Management Experience

 Establishing the Ehda International Trading P.L.C. Project Management System

Having knowledge of increasing business competition, changing workforce competency and resource pressures, plus the rapid change in client expectations were factors for Ehda International Trading P.L.C. to think about the practice of project management as key to reliably delivering complex business solutions to its clients. Experience has shown that lack of good project management is a major contributor to certain project failures, customer satisfaction issues, and revenue and profit erosion.

Ehda International Trading P.L.C.’ Transformation to a Project-Based Business

To achieve organizational competence in project management, we’re establishing and driving a consistent career infrastructure, a common methodology based on industry standards, and supportive project management enablers including processes, tools, and measurement systems.

Our transformation strategy is driven by five key areas of concentration:

  • One consistent project management delivery approach across Ehda International Trading P.L.C. that improves delivery timeliness and deliverable quality while reducing project costs. Communication is simplified and more timely with standardized tools, formats, and terminology. Our project managers benefit from others’ experience so they no longer waste time reinventing techniques already successfully used. Based on the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), we keep up to date ourself with revised industry standards and changing best practices.
  • Qualified project managers are assigned to all significant projects. Selected (based on their experience relevant to that specific task) project managers will be assigned for the specified projects through the assistance of our human resource unit management system.
  • Project managers and business executives are accountable for project and business success through the use of consistent project performance measurements and metrics. In evaluating performance and achievement, Ehda International Trading P.L.C. consistently assesses all aspects of practicing project management; technical, schedule, and financial performance. Past project data allows Ehda International Trading P.L.C. to identify and evaluate trends and then improve current processes. Ehda International Trading P.L.C. project managers, project teams, and executives are assessed, recognized, and rewarded based on achieving project objectives and high client satisfaction.
  • The development and nurturing of a committed, vibrant project management community. A professional community thrives through the contributions of its members as they help each other become proficient in the practice of their profession. Applied community efforts include mentoring other project managers, teaching project management classes, performing project assessment and assurance activities as well as the sharing of experience through “lessons learned” exercises and published papers. Such “giveback” activities renew and refresh project managers and are considered not only a community social responsibility but an honor.
  • Reuse of project management knowledge, experiences and best practices. Knowledge, experience, and best practices are formally developed, documented and reused during projects and help project management maturity grow across the enterprise.

Ongoing Stewardship by the Executive Steering Committee Continues to Drive Project Management Transformation

Ehda International Trading P.L.C. will continue to develop smarter project managers using three work streams:

  • Interconnected project teams;
  • Instrumented metrics and measurements; and
  • Intelligent practitioners.

Ehda International Trading P.L.C. has invested 4 years making project management a core competency that drives growth and successful business results. With the alignment to the project management theories & techniques the project managers continues to have a major role in support of the project-based enterprise transformational effort.

In retrospect, Ehda International Trading P.L.C.’s journey in the past brief years to become a project-based enterprise has included innovative initiatives that have resulted in:

  • committed, skilled project managers;
  • a breadth and depth of project management best practices;
  • achievement of project and business objectives;
  • an energized project management community supported by all levels of management; and
  • Accountable project managers and executives who are committed to showing greater business value through successful projects while preparing to deliver on the promise of smarter business environments.