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What is EHDA?

 Ehda is an International Trading PLC established in 2009 G.C . The Firms’s Current Address in Country of Constitution: Arada Sub City, MK Business Center, House No. -01, Churchill Road, Addis Ababa.

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What Products and services does EHDA deliver?


1. Power Sector Services:  Supply of Diesel power plants, Supply of Substation & Switchyards, Supply of Over Head Transmission Lines, Supply of Distribution Systems, Supply of Different Range of Electrical Cables,Design, Supply & Install Air conditioning system,Design, Supply & Install Ventilation system,Supply of  Security and file alarm installation, 

2. Industrial Services: Supply of Electromechanical material in Water Projects; Designing, Manufacturing & Assembling of Electrical System Units like: (different capacity main and sub distribution/control board, Compact substation, Single & three phase step up/step down transformers, Automatic Transfer switch[ATS], Synchronization Panels, Power factor correctors, Motor starters, Automatic Voltage regulators, Impedance transformers, Programmable Logic Controllers[PLC] ,Generator KWH meter interface boards )

3. IT Services: Supply & configure server, Design, Supply & Install LAN & WAN; Design, Supply & Install Sound Systems for Conference Hall, etc

4.Telecom Sector Services: Supply BTS, PBX, PABX & different telephony systems and Accessories. Supply ‘optical plumbing’ that is the building block of wireline & wireless networks such as FTTx & LTE. Supply field deployable test & measurement equipment that is essential for maintaining optical networks. Supply Hybrid-wireless gateways for first mile applications. Supply Connectivities & devices for in-home networks. 

5.Security Sector Services: Supply & Install IP Cameras & Accessories, Supply & Install CCTV Cameras & Accessories, Supply of Digital Video recorders, Supply Security metal detectors, etc

6.Water & Sanitation Sector: Supply & Installation of Water Supply Systems, Supply Water Pumps, Supply & Installation Differ Types of Pipes, Supply both Conventional & Smart Water Meters, etc.


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How can I contact the EHDA for specific service I need?

you can find the detail contact information about the EHDA international PlC by clicking the contact us button from the top menu. then you can go to services menu, and click any device or service you want to order, then you will find an email icon. you can click the an email icon to contact us about the specific service or device you want.

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