Water & Sanitation Products


Water & Sanitation Sector Products 

 Supply & Installation of Water Supply Systems, Supply Water Pumps, Supply & Installation Different Types of Pipes, Supply both Conventional & Smart Water Meters

Telecom Sector Products


Telcom Sector Products

 Supply BTS,  Supply PBX, PABX & different telephony systems and Accessories, Supply ‘optical plumbing’ that is the building block of wireline & wireless networks such as FTTx & LTE, Supply field deployable test & measurement equipment that is essential for maintaining optical networks, Supply Hybrid-wireless gateways for first mile applications, Supply Connectivities & devices for in-home networks. 

Power Sector Products


Power Sector  Products

  Supply of Diesel power plants, Supply of Substation & Switchyards, Supply of Over Head Transmission Lines,  Supply of Distribution Systems,  Supply of Different Range of Electrical Cables, Design, Supply & Install Air conditioning system, Design, Supply & Install Ventilation system,  Supply of  Security and file alarm installation, Renewable Energy Projects, etc


Security Sector Products


Security Sector Products


 Supply & Install IP Cameras & Accessories, Supply & Install CCTV Cameras & Accessories,  Supply of Digital Video recorders,  Supply Security metal detectors, etc

IT Sector Products

IT  Sector Services

 Supply & configure server; Design, Supply & Install LAN & WAN;  Design, Supply & Install Sound Systems for Conference Hall, etc