Gree Air Con...


  Gree Air Conditioner: - Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems control the temperature, humidity and quality of  air in buildings to a set of chosen conditions. To achieve this, the systems need to transfer heat and moisture into and out of the air as well as control the level of air pollutants, either by directly removing them or by diluting them to acceptable levels.  

Industrial s...

  Industrial Sector Services   Supply of Electromechanical material in Water Projects Designing , Manufacturing & Assembling of Electrical System Units like: -different capacity main and sub distribution/control board, Compact substation,Single & three phase step up/step down transformers, Automatic Transfer switch[ATS], Synchronization Panels, Power factor correctors, Motor starters, Automatic Voltage regulators, Impedance transformers, Programmable Logic Controllers[PLC], Generator KWH meter interface boards 

IT Services ...

  IT  Sector Services   Supply & configure server; Design, Supply & Install LAN & WAN;  Design, Supply & Install Sound Systems for Conference Hall, etc

power sector...

  Power Sector Services and Products   Supply of Diesel power plants, Supply of Substation & Switchyards, Supply of Over Head Transmission Lines,  Supply of Distribution Systems,  Supply of Different Range of Electrical Cables, Design, Supply & Install Air conditioning system, Design, Supply & Install Ventilation system,  Supply of  Security and file alarm installation, Renewable Energy Projects which includes: 

S P Ventilat...

Soler & Palau is the world's leading ventilation fan manufacturer. It celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2001. Soler & Palau is able to offer a range of ventilation exhaust fan products benefiting from over 50 years of experience within the industry. The company's impressive, long-term growth is the result of one simple philosophy -- develop an air-moving product that effectively and efficiently meets the needs of the customer, supported by unparalleled engineering, distribution and service.

Security Sec...

  Security Sector Products    Supply & Install IP Cameras & Accessories, Supply & Install CCTV Cameras & Accessories,  Supply of Digital Video recorders,  Supply Security metal detectors, etc


  Telcom Sector Products  Supply BTS,  Supply PBX, PABX & different telephony systems and Accessories, Supply ‘optical plumbing’ that is the building block of wireline & wireless networks such as FTTx & LTE, Supply field deployable test & measurement equipment that is essential for maintaining optical networks, Supply Hybrid-wireless gateways for first mile applications, Supply Connectivities & devices for in-home networks. 

Water Sani...

  Water & Sanitation Sector Products   Supply & Installation of Water Supply Systems, Supply Water Pumps, Supply & Installation Different Types of Pipes, Supply both Conventional & Smart Water Meters


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